Join our Perennial Social Club

Why we, professional experts of Excellence Design, named us Perennials?

It is because we do not want to be shut in any generational category depending on birth dates: we do represent any kind of generation because we cross them all.

We are multidisciplinary experts used to cooperating altogether and talking with any kind of customer because all our projects express themselves throught their heart voice.

We are aware that we are not the only ones to have this vision: that is why we created the Perennial Social Club for people who share our thinking and want to join us.

If you recognize yourself in these questions
you can join the Perennial Social Club

Are you part of the tribe of the men with a free spirit who speak with the voice of their heart?

Are you an empathetic human able to speak to the heart of people?

Are you a brave captain able to take decisions independently?

Are you curious and eager for news and knowledge?

Do you hate lies and love the truth?

Do you use fantasy to overcome the difficult moments with a joke?

Do you use your wings to reach your dreams?

Do you believe in values and try to spread them?

Are you generous, altruist and do you give willingly advice to other people?

Do you know how to fight to defend the people you believe in?

Are you humble enough and able to admit your mistake when you are wrong?

If you fall , can you rise from the difficulties of life without blaming others?

Is humanity among the priorities of your life?

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