2018 Macro Retail Trends

Macro Retail Trends
Macro retail trends are emerging trends frameworks, which have been identified by Excellence Design  based on economic, social, cultural, technological changes that are creating new opportunities. We offer a global perspective on how the sector is influenced by these emerging trends exploring extracting the most innovative benchmarks. The trend report will help brands and retailers to understand these trends, thus shaping the future of physical stores and offline retails.

Future of Retail 2018
Transformation of Retail

Pop-up Revolution
Pop-ups are quickly becoming a critical part of the store experience reinvention journey.

Smaller Ultra-Compact 
Retailers are becoming smaller, hyper-localized and specialized to meet the consumers’ demand.

Omni Service Point

Stores will help consumers to preserve their purchases, becoming a “customer care” point of commerce.

Curated Collection
customers now expect tailored experiences, in 2018 it will be more important than ever to showcasing high-quality, unique products.

Showroom no Merchandise
Retails are storing product to look at, which offers no stock but focuses on experience, learning and consultation.

Service Fueled 
Stores are providing unique services and personalised experiences transforming them into new hubs for community and experiences.

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